What You Need To Know About Treating Overcrowded Teeth

April 30, 2019

Who does not want a set of teeth that is straight and beautiful? No matter our age, we all want to look our best and be confident flashing that smile on our face. Unfortunately, not all of us have the genetic luck for a set of beautiful teeth, some of us might be plagued with irregular or overcrowded teeth. The problems that comes with overcrowding of the teeth extends beyond the aesthetic reasons. One can lose their teeth from unusual stresses, gum disease, premature wear or even jaw joint damage. We have compiled a guide below to help you understand more about treating overcrowded teeth 

What Are Some Reasons That Cause Overcrowded Teeth?

There are many reasons why the teeth do not fit into the jaw properly, it could be due to the disharmony between the size of your jaw and teeth. It could also be due to having an extra teeth, cleft lip or palate or even due to problems from a jaw fracture. Overcrowding can happen to adults as the teeth are rotated. Some other manmade reasons that can contribute to it includes thumb sucking, tongue thrusting or even asthma.

Why Treating Overcrowded Teeth Is Necessary?

The consequences of overcrowded teeth is more than the superficial reasons. Treating it can ensure and enhance the durability and longevity of the teeth and your gum health. Cleaning your teeth to maintain oral health will be easier, reducing the risk of tooth decays. Treating overcrowded teeth reduces the likelihood of gum disease and it assists the coordination between the jaws and tooth occlusion. It could also help improve chewing difficulties and speech problem for some. Lastly, bring back the smile that you are proud of, improve your confidence and self-esteem.  

What Are Some Possible Treatment For Overcrowded Teeth?

As technology advances, there are various ways to treat overcrowded teeth. The treatment plans will depend on the severity of your teeth crowding, the cooperation of appliance wear, the age you start your treatment as well as your oral hygiene. Some of the common treatment plans are:

  • Extraction of the extra tooth

In some cases, extraction of the extra tooth might be necessary so that the remaining teeth can be redistributed, helping your teeth line up nicely for the perfect smile.

  • Invisalign

As the name suggests, it is an invisible brace system that helps individuals who are afraid about undergoing orthodontic treatment yet helps you to get the smile of your dreams.

  • Braces

Widely known to all, braces can be introduced with or without extractions of the teeth. Usually along with extractions to correct the crowding, braces helps to line the teeth in the mouth.

  • Retainers

It is a custom made device that helps to hold one’s teeth in place after a surgery or procedure to align the teeth to ensure a long term straight and sparkling smile.

Which Treatment Should You Go For?

You should consult a professional regarding the best suited treatment plan for your overcrowded teeth. Contact Real Smile for a friendly and professional team of dentist who will analyze and recommend a suitable treatment plan for you. Get in touch with us to examine and establish the best plan that will cater to your needs and availability for treatment. It is time to shine with your smile!

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