What To Do When Your Child Needs A Tooth Extraction

December 30, 2019

Undergoing some dental procedures can be a scary proposition for me as an adult, so when it comes to kids, I understand that parents need to do all within their means to prepare their child for the procedure. Preparing the child adequately will help them to cope with future dental related procedures, reducing their fear for tooth extraction. Read on for tips to help prepare your child for the tooth extraction.

Visiting A Pediatric Dentist for Tooth Extraction

Do not just settle for a general dentist because visiting a pediatric dentist is more important than you think, especially if you have a fearful child who is afraid of the dentist. A pediatric dentist is trained to help alleviate the stress and fear of a child before the tooth extraction procedure; you may notice that the office of a pediatric dentist is often decorated with bright colors, cute and fun squishy toys and inviting decorations, instead of a cold and uninviting office that a general dentist is sitting in.

Keep Things Transparent

Preparing your child before the procedure is important. It will be good for them to understand what and why they have to undergo the extraction. This step is vital as it can improve the trust level between parents and child, to help them to understand the reason why they have to undergo the procedure and most importantly, allow them to interact with their dentist or surgeon so they are comfortable during the procedure.

Prepare For Recovery Even Before Tooth Extraction Begins

Ensure that you are prepared for your child’s return home even before heading for the surgery. Set up a cozy recovery spot with your child’s favorite pillows and blankets so that they can be comfortable once they return home. Stock up on cold water, ice packs, tissues, soft food, hydrating liquids, ice-cream and even ice pops so that your child will not be out of choices when they want to eat. It is a good time to catch up on rest. Be sure to fill any prescriptions for pain medication so that you do not have to fret over running errands on the way home. The key word after the procedure is comfort, so it is good to keep your child comfortable after the procedure.

Giving Your Child Something To Look Forward To

It takes more than what we see to sit in the chair in the dentist’s room knowing that you have an extraction to go through, it will be most helpful if your child has something to look forward to after the extraction. On top of being a reward for their bravery, it can be a motivation for them too. While the process is not a naturally fun experience, parents can help to make the process more palatable by providing more than physical comfort to the child. Keep their sights set on something bigger than the discomfort and fear.

Your child deserves the care and attention from a trained pediatric dentist for more than just tooth extraction. Feel free to contact your friendly dentist clinic for a consultation to understand how you can help your child to smile more confidently.

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