Understanding Common Braces Complications

November 23, 2020

Looking forward to beautifully aligned teeth while suffering very low risk may appear to be the highlight of wearing dental braces, it is also extremely important to take note of the possible braces complications that may arise if you are not careful. If you take caution, you might be able to avoid these problems and comfortably enjoy the benefits of your orthodontic treatment. Here are some common problems brace wearers may experience.

Enamel Demineralization

The surface of the tooth is coated with a protective layer called the enamel, which could be very easily worn off especially when there is sugar present. Enamel demineralization could be caused when sugar wears off the enamel, causing problems including tooth decay, stains on the teeth and cavities.

Bad Breath

Common among people who wear braces, this is caused by small bits of food being trapped between the teeth and the metal components. When the food stuck is not removed in a timely manner, it will be broken down by bacteria in the mouth which causes an unpleasant smell.

Canker Sores and Soft Tissue Injuries

Braces are not only in direct contact with your teeth, but also your gum, cheeks, and lips. It is very easy to feel sores in these areas, and some people may experience swollen and sensitive gum tissues in the course of their orthodontic treatment. It occurs when your sensitive inner mouth tissues rub against the metal part of your braces.

Tooth Sensitivity

It might be challenging to reach certain areas in your mouth when brushing or flossing your teeth, especially with braces. This may result in difficulty in keeping the gum line clean. When this happens, gum recession can be caused, exposing the roots of your teeth and leading to tooth sensitivity. You may experience discomfort or even pain when eating certain foods, especially they are in cold or hot temperatures.

What You Can Do About Them

Although some people may not have experienced any of these problems throughout their orthodontic treatment, it is better to be safe than sorry. Include these practices in your daily routine to reduce the possibility of complications:

  1. Always remember to brush your teeth 30 minutes after every meal, if inconvenient, rinse your mouth with a mouth wash instead.
  2. Keep your mouth as clean as possible through regular brushing and flossing.
  3. Include using fluoride mouth rinse as part of your oral hygiene routine.
  4. Consult your orthodontist should you feel any discomfort.
  5. Make regular dental appointments with your dentist or orthodontist.

Remember, it is easy to achieve that perfect smile you always wanted as long as you maintain your dental hygiene as part of your daily routine. At Real Smile Dental, we are here to help you not just realize your dreams, but to make sure you can achieve it with ease and comfort. Call us today if you have concerns or want to set up a dental visit.

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