Tooth Extraction Isn’t As Painful As You Might Think

November 20, 2020

Tooth extraction may seem scary and painful when you are unfamiliar with the procedure, but we are here to change this perception and help prepare you for your first extraction. Before the injection of anesthesia, the site where the extraction will take place is first swabbed with a numbing agent. Hence, it is not as painful as one may imagine due to the anesthesia and painkillers used.

What Happens After Your Tooth is Extracted?

An empty tooth socket may be scary to look at, but it will not feel like much other than a gap. After the initial soreness, the tooth socket will still be numbed by the anesthesia and its effects can last up to eight hours. If your procedure is done in the afternoon, the area may be kept numb till the end of the day.

Why Does It Not Hurt?

After the medication has worn off, there is not much to feel pain with. This is because the nerve endings that are responsible for pain are within the tooth. These nerve endings are severed when the tooth extraction process begins, even before the tooth is completely pulled out of the socket. Without the tooth, there is no pain.

While the fresh socket is made up of sensitive tissue, it does not suffer from active damage after an extraction. This means that the empty socket is not a wound in the same way that a scrape or cut on your hand is a wound. It is only sensitive because it no longer contains a tooth in it. Any pain or swelling resulting from the extraction is usually manageable by taking the painkillers prescribed by your dentist. Make sure that you keep the socket clean and avoid touching it with your tongue or finger to prevent dry socket or infection from developing, resulting in serious pain.

Tooth Extraction from a Dentist

A tooth extraction is a form of oral surgery that requires professional care. Having a painless tooth extraction will largely depend on your dentist’s technique, level of experience, and the specific conditions of the tooth being extracted. With an experienced dentist under favorable conditions, sometimes a tooth can be loosened and extracted in under a minute with little irritation to the tooth socket. In more complicated cases such as a fractured tooth, it might be a little more challenging. Thus, a less experienced dentist might take a longer time in order to carefully carry out the extraction without hurting the patient. This is why finding the right dentist for your procedure is so important. At Real Smile, you can expect the best results for your tooth extraction.

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