Steps To Take If You Get A Tooth Knocked Out

December 12, 2019

It is not a daily norm but it does happen sometimes and you might be at the receiving end of it. You might even be surprised that it has a surprisingly high probability of occurrence too. Millions have experienced lost teeth annually to various reasons, with the most popular being sports-related injuries. Tripping, brawls, traffic accidents, and biting something too hard are others to add onto the list. So what can you do following a knocked out tooth incident?

Steps to Deal with a Knocked-Out Tooth

  • Save the tooth and immediately call your dentist. You now have in your hand a knocked-out tooth, best known as an avulsed tooth, which can be salvaged within 30 minutes of it being knocked out of its socket.
  • Handle the tooth by the crown. If you touch it by its roots, the tooth could die.
  • Gently rinse the tooth. A pH-balanced solution works best but running cold water or milk would work too. Remember to keep any debris out.
  • Lock tooth in socket. Bite the knocked-out tooth on gauze or a wet tea bag and hold it in its original socket for as long as possible before meeting your dentist. This allows the blood network to try to reconnect to it.
  • Transport tooth. If you are unable to bite the knocked-out tooth back into its socket, transport it to the dentist office in a container filled with a pH-balanced solution or milk, but never in water as that could kill the roots.
  • Proceed to the dentist office.Remember, all you have is 30 minutes before that tooth is a goner. Whilst there, get the dentist to address any jaw problems too especially excruciating fractures.

Other Factors Affecting the Save and Rescue Procedure

Not every saved knocked out tooth can be rescued. Some situations cannot be salvaged depending on the immediate handling, as well as the type of tooth. In a typical situation, dentists will not re-implant baby teeth, as well as permanent teeth that have aged, which could affect the success rate. Hence, never place too much hopes in saving your teeth but still, do the best you can to salvage that little guy. A root canal may need to be performed and, subsequently monitored for the following couple of months to address any complications. It is basically an easy save and rescue mission, but a follow-up would help determine if a continuous maintenance is needed.

Be Prepared to Reach the Dentist Office Early

There really isn’t a prediction of when you may knock a tooth out, so just keep these handy tips at bay even if you’re not active in sports. Take a moment to look up the contact number to the dentist office and have it programmed on one of your speed dials. Don’t wait until it’s too late as 30 minutes is a short timeframe to perform all these steps while rushing to the dentist office.

We Do More than Just Rescue Teeth

There is just so much to be concerned about other than your bi-annually dentist visits. Do give us a call or visit a nearby branch to find out more than just the save and rescue missions we perform.

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