Preventing Tooth Decay In Children

June 6, 2020

Tooth decay which is also referred to as dental caries can affect children and adults in equal measures. Fortunately, the condition is preventable. To prevent it in children, simply observe the following tips:

Teach Your Children To Floss And Brush Daily

Lead by example. Brush and floss every day as your young ones watch. It doesn’t matter how old they are. Children are very good at mimicking adults. So even if they are too young to brush their teeth, they will see how important it is to brush and floss their teeth often. When they come of age, they will find it easy to do what they saw you doing every day.

Take time to clean your child’s gums. Use a soft-bristled baby brush or a clean, damp cloth to get rid of plaque before milk teeth grow. As soon as the first teeth come, use a soft toothbrush to teach the child to brush his or her teeth daily. Use a small amount of fluoride toothpaste, about the size of wheat. Increase the amount of toothpaste to a pea-size when the child turns 3. As for flossing, start it immediately your child has teeth that touch each other.

Discourage Prolonged Contact With Sugars In Breast Milk And Formula

Remember to always remove the bottle from your little one’s mouth before he or she falls asleep. This will help you prevent mouth bacteria from secreting acids that can cause baby tooth decay. Be sure to also clean your young one’s teeth after feeding especially at night before going to bed.

Be Keen On Juice And Other Sugary Drinks

Feed your children with whole fruits as opposed to fruit juice. The logic here is simple to understand. Fruit juice does not have the amount of valuable fibre that whole fruits have. They miss out on beneficial nutrients from solid foods and fruits once you choose to feed them on fruit juice. If you have to do juice, then consider 100% unsweetened juice and limit your child’s intake to ½ a cup daily. Be sure to also avoid sugary drinks such as fruit and pop flavoured beverages. They provide little to no nutrition.

Open Cups

Introduce your child to open cup for beverages once her or she turns 6. The only exception here is breast milk or formula. Work towards a goal of not using a bottle if your baby is between 12 and 18 months. By this age, regular bottle feedings, especially with high sugar liquids, make your child susceptible to tooth decay.

Balanced Diet Meals

Feed your child on nutrition foods. Be creative enough to combine the young one’s meals in ways that can easily reduce the risk of tooth decay. For instance, offer meals that include vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Note that Mozzarella and some types of cheese, milk and yoghurt are all good for teeth. They also make great after-meal snacks. Additionally, they help clear the mouth of harmful sugars and even prevent plaque. That is not enough though. Make an effort to rinse or even brush your child’s teeth after he or she easts high sugar foods especially the sticky sweet foods such as raisins. Lastly, schedule a trip to the dentist with your children. Your dentist will then advise you the amount of fluoride your child needs to keep their teeth healthy.

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