Overcoming Your Fear Before An Oral Surgery

June 21, 2020

It is hard to visit your dentist without feeling a tinge of nervousness or anxiety. You can’t help but wonder if the dental procedure you’ll be going for will be painful. It is even worse for children. But like your dentist will most likely tell you, you really have nothing to worry about. That’s because many dental procedures today are carried out under local anesthesia. Remember too that feeling anxious and nervous is normal. Consider the following tips to overcome the fear of oral surgery.

Let Your Dentist Know Your Oral Surgery Concerns

Sometimes gathering the courage to say the words. ‘I’m a little bit nervous’ can go a long way to ease tension. Speaking out can also normalize the nervousness you may be feeling. Before you know it, the stress, tension, nervousness and anxiety you felt before will have gone.

Speaking out will also let your dentist how best to handle you. In fact, your dentist may consider an alternative to your procedure which may be faster and less painful. The dentist may also conduct the same procedure he had planned differently than he normally would just to help you stay calm. Additionally, he may offer you words of reassurance and encouragement to keep you calm.

Remember to Breathe

You probably don’t know this but consciously inhaling puts your parasympathetic nervous system in action. This is important because the parasympathetic system is responsible for calming you down when anxious. The good news here is that you always have your breath with you. Use it anytime you feel anxious or nervous. It is simple. Pay attention to your breathing pattern. Feel it as you exhale and inhale and any other sensation the breathing pattern creates. This will quickly help you access the calming center of your brain. One easy breathing exercise you can use anywhere is to inhale and exhale in counts of 4. You will instantly feel better.

Learn About The Procedure You’re Going For

You do not have to dig up information online. The best you can do here to ask your dentist to explain to you in detail what the dental procedure you’re scheduled for involves. You will be surprised how quickly the anxiety and nervousness you had before will fade. That’s because the fear of the unknown always outweighs the fear of the known.

Focus On The Outcome

Keep your eyes fixed on the bigger picture. Imagine how your smile will have been transformed for the better after your dental procedure is done. Picture yourself talking or smiling without worrying about stained, or crooked teeth. Focus instead on your perfectly aligned pearly whites. Remember you will only be seated for a couple of minutes or hours. You will then have years of perfect dental health to enjoy after the session with your dentist.

Don’t Brush Too Much Before the Oral Surgery

Brush your teeth as you usually do. Rigorous brushing in the name of preparing to go see your dentist can do your teeth more harm than good. Remember your dentist has seen worse cases than yours. You have nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about.

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