Managing The Dental Health Of Your Teenagers

March 17, 2020

Teenagers are generally not easy to manage and getting them to care for their teeth is usually not easy. Despite the fact that teenagers don’t usually suffer from serious medical conditions, teen dental health is one area that if not taken care of, can cause serious problems for your teenager. In fact, with the consumption of sugary snacks and drinks, teenagers are often at risk of developing serious conditions such as periodontal disease. With this in mind, it makes a lot of sense to help your teenage son or daughter to manage their dental health so as to be assured of a lifetime of strong and healthy teeth.

Start Early

Routine is everything and if you inculcate a culture of good oral health early enough, it will make things easier during their teenage years. When children are young, ensure that activities such as flossing and brushing are adhered to almost religiously. It is also a good idea to teach children why they have to brush and floss. This makes oral hygiene a regular component of their every day lives. When they grow up to be teenagers, it is likely that they will not deviate from these habits. This is especially true if they understand why they are required to do these things.

Use Teen-friendly Products

There are numerous oral health products that are designed to be used by teenagers. These products use marketing slogans and product packaging that appeals to young people. It makes it easier for your teenagers to use these products whether they are at home or away with friends.

Use Technology

Parents can get creative about getting their teenagers to practice good oral health. Since most young people these days have mobile phones, it is a great idea to use apps that have timers to remind the youngsters when to brush and for how long. Other creative ideas include using songs to help your son or daughter determine how long to brush. Since the recommended duration of brushing for young people is about 3 minutes, you can get them to brush to a favorite three-minute song.

Control Sugar Consumption

Sugary fizzy drinks are dangerous for the teeth as they encourage bacterial growth as well as weaken the teeth enamel.  You can help them avoid this by giving them healthier alternatives such as bottled water, vegetable, and sugar-free snacks. Teaching them the effect of sugary drinks on their teeth can also help motivate them to avoid these kinds of drinks.

Use Aesthetics

When kids are in the teens, how they look tends to be very important to them. For this reason, it helps to show them how much a beautiful smile improves their looks. Conversely, they should also understand that cavity-ridden teeth are not only a health risk but might lead to unsightly gaps if the teeth were to be lost. Fizzy drinks also contribute to teeth discoloration further spoiling their looks.

It is not always easy to get teenagers to do what you want but with persistence and focus, you can help your teen son or daughter maintain healthy and strong teeth. Do not forget to ensure that they have regular dental exams by a dentist to catch any dental problems early enough.

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