Invisalign Can Resolve Problems With Traditional Braces

January 13, 2020

While braces have a place in orthodontics and are an excellent solution for complex bite issues and teeth positioning, they are not for everyone. Most adults do not like standard braces as they pose a myriad of problems, other than being uncomfortable. Below are some of the common problems associated with traditional braces:

Restrictions and Difficulties

Braces have limitations, especially on what you eat and how to care for your teeth and gums to keep your oral health in top condition. You have to stay away from things like chewing gum, eating caramel, or biting apples. You must also spend a lot of time on your dental hygiene routine and use specialized tools to clean around and under the brackets and wires. With Invisalign, however, you can overcome these issues as you can remove the aligners when needed. You do not have to change your diet or routine while straightening your teeth.


Adults with metal braces might feel very self-conscious about it but endure it for the sake of improving their smile. No adult likes to be taken back to awkward adolescent memories of feeling self-conscious about their appearance. Metal braces are a less sophisticated orthodontic solution, unlike Invisalign, which involve clear aligners that fit over your teeth. Nobody will have any clue what you are going through orthodontic treatment, and your smile has a sophisticated and mature look.

Pain and Discomfort

Braces can give soft and sensitive mouth tissues such as the inner cheeks and lips a beating. Brackets and wires will irritate, scrape and give you sores from the poking wires and hard edges. With braces, you commit to regular appointments to tighten the wires, which is one of the ways to pull teeth together. After this procedure, you have to contend with soreness for days. Invisalign has several trays worn for a few weeks at a time. Each tray repositions your teeth gently and subtly. Unlike traditional braces, aligners are smoother and more comfortable in your mouth, with no discomfort and pain.

Waiting Time

Whether you are a student, recently started working, or in your middles ages and already well-established career-wise, you can always achieve your dream smile. Wearing traditional braces means you have to wait at least 18 to 24 months. With Invisalign, your orthodontic treatment can be done in a year or less.

Invisalign Works

Traditional braces work well, which is no wonder they are still in use today. Orthodontic treatments have evolved in recent years, and metal braces are no longer the only treatment option you have. Invisalign is now recognized as the leading alternative when patients want to straighten their teeth.

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