How Wearing Retainers Benefits You

July 18, 2018

You may ask yourself why you are encouraged to put on your retainer and you already had your braces? Yes, your braces align and straighten your teeth for that 10.0 smile but the retainer also helps keep teeth in perfect state. Orthodontists encourage families to impart use of the retainer especially from a tender age so that it may be used as regularly as possible. Other than maintaining the straightness of the teeth after application of braces, it also helps with speech impediments in children. People consider it irrelevant because there is no conspicuous change for some people but it’s a real game changer because it may make you go back to step one; getting braces again.

Keeps Teeth Straight

After removal of braces the teeth are well aligned. The retainer when used on a regular basis will keep them that way for long. You get to keep your smile as perfect for a very long time. Ignorance however will lead you back to your dentist to start the orthopedic process again. When you think about it, it actually helps to follow doctor’s instruction. It might bring some discomfort especially to adults (due to negligence; constant application will help you get used to it) but when you think about the effect of your ignorance, you would rather have to bear. It is a small price you have to pay for a beautiful smile.

Helps With Speech Impediments And Breathing

It is a shocking fact but true. Orthodontists show that misalignment and malocclusion may cause speech issues. Retainers adjust the placement of the tongue as well as keep your teeth well aligned for proper speech. This will build up confidence in the affected persons. Reduces trouble of snoring or loud breathing in children

Promotes Proper Oral Hygiene

It is easier to clean straight teeth and flossing is made easier due to the proper alignment of the teeth. Chewing of food will be done more effectively thus nutrient intake is enhanced. Saliva production also increases leading to increase in digestive enzymes to reduce plaque build-up and tooth cavities.

Prevents Diabetes

Did you know that poor oral health may increase chances of developing diabetes? Now you know. It also may worsen the health of one suffering from diabetes. This is because poor oral health can bring out the blood-related effects of diabetes.


The longer you comply with the dentist’s instructions the shorter the period of time you are to put on the retainer. It all depends on the tissue and bone around the tooth and their alignment. The most risky period is the immediate 30 days after the braces are removed. During this period the retainer is to be worn all the time there after one can wear them only during the night.

Finally, as it was said ‘prevention is better than cure’. Follow the doctor’s instructions to the letter and all will be well. As seen above, retainers help keep your teeth aligned and straight to keep your teeth in perfect shape. They also help prevent diabetes, speech impediments, snoring and heavy breathing and improve chewing. What seems as a burden is actually a blessing in disguise.

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