How To Protect Your Mouth When Braces Break

July 9, 2019

Mayday! Mayday! Braces have broken in the mouth! This may happen due to sports accidents, or just eating solid foods that are too hard for the braces. What do you do if the unimaginable happens, and your braces end up breaking? The first thing to do is stay calm – do not panic, as there are sharp objects now in your mouth and you want to be able to carefully deal with them before they cut the inside of your mouth, tongue or gums.

You would also want to get your braces repaired as quickly as possible because leaving it as it is for long periods of time may undo all the good your braces were intended for. If you are unable to see your dentist immediately, you may need to do a minor fix on your own first to keep things together temporarily, before seeking proper orthodontic treatment. Here is what we advise you to do if unfortunately your braces break.

For Broken Wires

Sometimes, a wire in your braces may break. This broken end may poke into your cheek or gum, causing bleeding and a chance of infection. As a stopgap measure, use a pair of nail clippers or small pliers to cut off the broken end neatly. Be careful to also grab the small wire bit that would be clipped off in case of accidental swallowing, or you can try putting a tissue in the mouth before clipping.

For Protruding Wires

If a wire is not broken, but due to your teeth realigning the last wire for example has started to protrude and is poking your cheek or gum, you need to deal with it as it is now too long. Cut it with nail clippers or small pliers, and realign it or use Orthodontic wax to cover up the sharp ends before you can see your dentist to replace the wire.

For Bent Wires

Solid foods that are too hard for your braces, or that cause excessive chewing, may cause your brace wire to bend out of shape. This makes the rubber bands loose and ineffective at pulling your teeth into the desired position. While this may not cause cuts or damage in your mouth, it will hurt your orthodontic treatment if you do not see your dentist as soon as possible to realign the wires such that your teeth are being aligned the right way.

If A Bracket Comes Off

Sometimes the tooth bracket itself may slip off your tooth due to weakened adhesive or other factors. If the bracket is still on the wire but floating, it may rotate or move along the wire and really get in the way of everything in your mouth. It can cause a lot of friction inside your mouth, leading to abrasion.

If you think you are able to, try to DIY fix this with a sterilized pair of tweezers. Slide the bracket along the wire so it sits between two teeth or in the centre of the tooth. Rotate the bracket until it faces the right direction, and slip it over the tooth. You can use dental wax to cover the surface of the bracket if it feels uncomfortable in your mouth.

Of course, sooner or later you have to get it checked by an orthodontist. Book your session with Real Smile Dental today.

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