How To Boost Recovery After A Root Canal Procedure

December 24, 2019

All of us hope for minimal pain and short recovery period after any procedure, especially for dental procedures where eating and drinking is a hassle more than joy. As scary as root canal may sound, there is little to no pain if proper care is taken. In this article, we will share some tips on how you can shorten your recovery time and free yourself from the soreness and pain.

Keep Your Head Up After The Root Canal Procedure

Some pain and swelling can be expected in your mouth after your procedure, this is perfectly normal. Try keeping your head elevated with extra pillows and avoid lying down as much as possible during the first few couple of days to prevent swelling. Ensure that you do not have any food intake until all the numbness goes away.

Take Pain Medication

You will definitely feel sore and discomfort in your gum or close to the surgical area when the anesthetic wears off. Taking the prescribed pain medication or anti-inflammatory medications by the doctor will help you to cope with your discomfort and prevent any unnecessary inflammation after the root canal procedure. Ensure that you complete the course as directed to speed up your recovery process.

Cold Compress And Ice-Cream

This is the perfect chance to indulge in ice-cream treats if that is your favorite snack, the cold will help to ward off infection and keep inflammation down which can speed up your recovery period. However, it is vital that you rinse your mouth sufficiently after snacking to get rid of any unwanted particles that may linger around. If sweet ice-cream is not your thing, you can consider cold-compress for ten to fifteen minutes a few times daily. It may feel uncomfortable but it can keep your swelling to the minimum.

Gargle Warm Salt Water

The last thing you need would be an infection, an infection will cause even more pain and discomfort so it is obviously best avoided. Gargling with warm salt water is recommended as it can help to ward off infection and keep your mouth clean which is what you need after the procedure to help you recover as soon as possible.

Abstinence During Root Canal Recovery

Abstain from anything that could possibly cause inflammation. Holding back your urges for a few days will free you. Avoid smoking, hot beverages, alcohol, drinking from straw and any form of eating that requires sucking. These items are known to slow down your recovery and inflame your gums, especially without proper cleaning and rinsing of your mouth.

Say No To Strenuous Activities

You will be back and running in no time, so do not rush into strenuous physical activity for at least 48 hours after the procedure. You would be feeling sore and tired, take the chance to put your feet up and recuperate after your root canal procedure.

Contact Your Root Canal Specialist

Consult your dentist if your symptoms do not go away or if it persists, your professional dentist will be able to advise you on the steps to take. These situations are rare; your recovery will almost be quick and painless if you take care of yourself properly. Contact your friendly dental clinic for a consultation.

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