How Take Care Of A Delicate Mouth After Oral Surgery

July 6, 2019

Just had oral surgery and already missing all your favorite foods? Patients who recently received oral surgery such as dental implant surgery, wisdom tooth removal, or laser treatment may well be experiencing food withdrawals for some time after.

Certainly, foods such as chips, steaks, and carbonated drinks should be avoided at all costs. Solid foods requiring heavy chewing can re-open sensitive areas in your mouth or cause bleeding or an infection. Acidic foods too can cause the teeth to become sensitive. If you have just had dental surgery or are planning to soon, you would need our list of recommendations for what food and drinks you can have to keep you going.

Within 24 Hours

In the first 24 hours after your surgery, your teeth would be at their most delicate. You want to be careful with what you choose to eat, and it might not be a good idea to grab some fast food at this stage. Soft foods are best at this stage. Do note that you should avoid using a straw during this stage, as sucking causes strain on the mouth as well. We recommend:

  • Choco banana shake – blended bananas and chocolate milk can do wonders for one’s mood as well as get some nutrition in too. Bananas help replace electrolytes in our bodies, and maintain fluid balance as well. Use regular milk instead of chocolate for a breakfast beverage or for variety. Remember not to use a straw!
  • Warm soups – broccoli soup or pumpkin soup can be extremely soothing comfort food, just make sure the soups are strained and there are no chunks in them. Be careful that the soup is not too hot as your mouth would be very sensitive to heat at this stage.
  • Mashed poratoes – topped with a tasty brown sauce, this can never be bland. Mash with garlic and butter for a cleaner taste, and add tiny bacon bits if you think you can handle it.
  • Fruit purees – applesauce, or other fruit purees, are wonderful too for nutrition and flavor.

Over The Following Weeks

To slowly incorporate solid foods back into your diet, you can start with these:

  • Ground beef stroganoff – mince is easy to chew, and mushrooms are soft as well. Plus, this is a very easy dish to prepare if you cook at home.
  • Gnocchi – the softest pasta around, made of mashed potato. This is definitely a winner for us. Pour over a tasty sauce for a different meal every time.
  • Cottage cheese curries – if you like flavorful meals, try a mild curry with cottage cheese chunks in them, eaten with soft fluffy rice. You can even pick up different pre-mixed curry sauces in jars and simply add cottage cheese for an instant meal. Butter paneer is one dish you could try.

We hope you have some ideas now on what you might be able to eat after getting oral surgery. If you have questions or concerns about getting oral surgery for yourself or your loved one, simply contact Real Smile Dental and we will do our best to help.

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