How Composite Fillings Can Help You Tackle Dental Imperfections

May 13, 2019

Some of us may know the feeling of having less than perfect teeth – the worst of it is that it makes for a less than perfect smile. For some, it can be hard to give an open-mouthed smile because of their shyness in showing their teeth, which can cause crippling insecurity for people. The good news, however, is that imperfect teeth can be fixed – with composite fillings. Composite fillings can restore chipped or broken teeth and make them look perfect and whole again. Find out more about composite fillings and how they can improve your life.

Understanding Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are a special kind of material which dentists can use in several different ways, the most common use being to fill cavities, and it can even be used to change the appearance of chipped or broken teeth. The material used is a kind of resin which looks very similar to that of natural tooth enamel. With a similar appearance and texture as clay, it can be easily molded by a dentist onto a tooth. It is then hardened by using a special kind of light and then polished such that it would have a shine similar to natural tooth enamel. In the end, the composite filling looks almost exactly like as if it was a real tooth. It is a simple, elegant solution for anyone with teeth that have become less perfect than they initially were.

When You Might Need To Get Composite Fillings

Not sure if composite fillings are something that you need? Here are the main scenarios where your dentist would certainly recommend you to get the aforementioned dental treatment:

Fixing cavities caused by tooth decay – a very common problem especially among youths and adults. Tooth decay stems from poor oral hygiene habits, such as failing to brush one’s teeth twice a day, or neglecting to floss between the teeth, allowing plaque buildup and encouraging the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Whatever the reason, many people do encounter tooth decay, and have gone to fix their teeth by using composite fillings.

Restoring broken or chipped teeth – The wow factor is great in this particular usage of composite fillings, because it can really transform a person’s smile. Teeth which may have been chipped can be restored, and cracks in teeth from accidents or any other reason can be sealed over with composite fillings. The treatment can be done together with porcelain veneers, for if you have a severe broken tooth problem and are looking for brand new caps on your teeth.

Filling up gaps between teeth – Where there is a gap between the teeth, composite filling can be used to seal up that gap. Doing this may be extremely beneficial for your overall oral hygiene as it can prevent food from getting stuck in the tooth gap.

If you are experiencing any of the above scenarios, you should reach out to a trusted dentist for a consultation on how your teeth can be fixed. Contact Real Smile for dental services in New Jersey today!

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