Dentistry Today And In The Future

October 24, 2021

Will we need dentists in the future? Will there be a surplus of them in the next few decades? With the recent technological advances, these questions have been raised several times by many people. To them, the advancements in technology suggest that in the near future, people may be able to carry out some dental procedures on their own. However, a look at the information provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics seems to suggest otherwise.

The statistics show that just like many other professions, the demand for dentists will grow by about 3% by 2029. As the population ages, it is projected that more people will be seeking dental-related treatments. This means that many years down the road, visits to the dentists will still be a part of our lives. Be prepared though, for the innovations that are currently taking the world of dentistry by storm may soon impact the way dentists practice and how they treat their patients, namely us.

The Emergence of New Technologies

The past few decades have seen the emergence of technologies that have greatly improved the quality of dental services. From electronic dental record keeping to 3D printed dentures, things have been changing fast. The emergence of the intra-oral camera has also allowed vast improvements to be made in the world of dentistry. Looking at these trends, one can only conclude that more technologies will be coming up in future. We are likely to see improvements being made to existing innovations and this is something that should excite those who regularly seek dental care. As patients, we can look forward to enjoying higher levels of comfort and reaping the benefits of more time-saving procedures.

More Comfortable Treatments

If you think that the current Invisalign treatment techniques are the most comfortable orthodontic treatment that you can get, you will be in for a surprise. Several years ago, there was no Invisalign and people made do with traditional braces. However, with the introduction of Invisalign, almost everyone is now using clear plastics aligners! This only means that there are better solutions that will spring up any time. Whether you want to straighten misaligned teeth or remove a bad tooth, there is no doubt that you will have better and more comfortable options in the near future. Every dentist is also poised to adopt new techniques and is always anticipating the arrival of new ones.

More Non-invasive Solutions

When it comes to major dental procedures, dentists have been using traditional invasive techniques to treat their patients. These include cutting into the gums and drilling through the jaws to correct some of the patients’ problems. They may also have to use surgery to treat the TMJ joint to give patients a perfect smile. However, judging by how fast innovations in dentistry are emerging, these invasive procedures may soon become obsolete in future. People are now looking for more non-invasive solutions to fix severe dental problems.

Better treatment offerings are likely to emerge in the world of dentistry. Is there any innovation that you are hoping to see? No matter how unrealistic your wish may seem now, it could well become a possibility. The rate at which innovations have been changing the dental industry has been nothing short of amazing and therefore, we should not rule anything out. Real Smile Dental is one of the leading dental practices in New Jersey and we take great pride in using the latest technology and approaches to treat our patients. If you want to be at the forefront of innovative dental treatments, book an appointment with our dentists today!

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