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Implants are surgically inserted titanium cylinders placed in the jaw to hold artificial teeth or dentures. They are a substitute for the root portion of lost natural teeth. Implants bond with the bone and provide a stable foundation on which replacement teeth can be attached. Once inserted, the implants look and feel natural. They are fabricated from biocompatible material and cannot be rejected by the human body. Dental implant therapy, usually, is very successful, with a success rate over 95%. Once inside the jaws, implants will prevent bone loss of underlying bone. Implants are a high-tech alternative to dentures or crown and bridges. If you cannot wear dentures, don’t want your healthy teeth to be reduced or don’t want to lose more bone, then implants should be your choice to replace missing teeth and rediscover your Real Smile.

Advantages of Implants

Implants offer some distinct advantages over other methods of tooth replacement, such as removable dentures or crowns and bridges. Implants will minimize the interference with your speech and will greatly improve your ability and effectiveness to chew food. An average person loses 40% of the bone during the first year after the extraction of a tooth and the bone loss will continue thereafter. Implants, being inserted inside the bone, will restore the natural way of transferring chewing forces and prevent loss of underlying bone.

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Indication for Implants

Are implants for everyone? In order for you to have dental implants, you need to meet several requirements. The examination, which includes X-rays and sometimes CAT SCAN, will determine whether there is an adequate amount of healthy bone to place implants.

Loss of jawbone structure due to prolonged tooth loss can make placement of the implant very difficult. However, bone regeneration technique can allow you to restore some bone by grafting it to the area where the implant is needed.

Some medical conditions, such as uncontrolled diabetes, substance abuse, heavy smoking or drinking, can prevent you from being a candidate for implant treatment. Age, however, is not necessarily an obstacle if you are in good health. Hundreds of thousands of people have received implants as a way to restore their oral health. You owe it to yourself to find out if dental implants can help you to regain your Real Smile.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Replacement of missing teeth with implants consists of several steps. First step is a placement of implant. This procedure is usually performed under a local anesthesia. A small titanium post is placed in the jawbone. Healing period after surgery usually takes between 3 to 9 months. During this time, osseointegration takes place and the implant bonds directly to the bone. The speed at which the fusion of titanium to bone occurs depends on the type of bone in which it is placed. As a second step, implant is exposed and a small post is attached to the implant. After gums are healed and developed around this post, impression can be taken and replacement tooth or teeth can be fabricated. If you are missing one or several teeth, then fixed crowns or bridges will be used to replace them. In some cases, usually when you are missing all your teeth and have a severe bone loss, implants can be used to stabilize removable dentures in order to improve speech and help to chew food more efficient. If you are looking to replace a single tooth or lock in a loose denture, then implants can help you to achieve your goal and recreate your Real Smile.

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