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Periodontics refer to the dental specialty that targets the periodontal disease, or commonly called gum disease, which often destroy the gum and other areas surrounding the teeth. A dentist trained in periodontics often treats cases ranging more mild gingvitis to performing dental implant procedures. Common periodontal treatment procedures include scaling, root planing, dental implant surgery, crown lengthening, soft tissue grafting, and more. Dr. Rubinov is highly skilled in treating periodontal disease and can help you recover fast from the onset of gum disease.

Benefits of Periodontal Treatment

If you are suffering from mild periodontal disease, periodontal treatment can provide deep cleaning to help you remove the high level of bacteria that has accumulated in your mouth. This intensive type of dental cleaning will help to restore dental health and prevent more dental issues from cropping up, so that you can regain control over your oral hygiene regimes. Another key benefit of opting for periodontal treatment is that it helps you regain functionality of the affected tooth or teeth. Patients suffering from periodontal disease will often experience severe pain that prevents their mouth form functioning optimally. Because the treatment removes the bacteria which is the main culprit behind the pain, the patient will be able to eliminate the pain that was previously present. Also, many patients suffering from periodontal disease have reported that they have experienced fresher breath after periodontal treatment. Remember, the periodontal disease is a progressive disease. If you do not take immediate action to halt its growth, it has the potential to develop into more severe dental complications that will affect many parts of your daily lifestyle and the overall quality of life.

Real Smile Dental is The Expert in Periodontics

Dr. Rubinov is well trained in the periodontics niche and can perform a wide spectrum of dental services to help patients recover from gum disease. From scaling and root planing to peridontal cosmetic surgery, he is able to prescribe the best course of treatment to take for all types of cases ranging from mild to severe. What’s more, his expertise in dental implant dentistry is highly sought after, so you can rest assured that you are in the best hands. Real Smile Dental puts our customers’ satisfaction above all and our dental facility is highly dedicated to serving the needs of those who need periodontal treatment. Dr. Rubinov will examine your teeth and mouth to assess the stage of periodontal disease that you are experiencing, and will proceed to explain the options that you may have in rectifying the dental issue at hand. His caring and empathetic outlook will make you feel at home during the consultation sessions. If you want to free yourself from the clutches of the periodontal disease, contact us today at (201) 275 1085 today to book for an appointment with Dr. Rubinov.