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Once a patient’s teeth become straighter as a result of orthodontic treatment, proper care and maintenance is essential. This is why dentists will recommend wearing a retainer. Patients who fail to wear a retainer after their treatment is complete run the risk of a relapse, which means that their teeth will revert to their previous condition, undermining all the hard work and costs the dentist and patient put into correcting them.

Benefits of Retainers & Aftercare

Retainers come in different varieties, which is important as no two patients are identical. Some retainers are removable, while others are bonded. The retainer must be worn regularly until the dentist instructs otherwise, and if it is bonded it will be hidden behind the front teeth and will be comprised of a metal bar. The bonded retainer is designed in such a way where it can be worn permanently. The primary benefit of a retainer is ensuring that your teeth remain straight and do not relapse.

Retainers & Aftercare | FAQ

How long am I required to wear my retainer?

Your retainer must be worn permanently, especially at night. The reason for this is because teeth are prone to moving, and if the retainer is not worn they can become misaligned, defeating the purpose of treatment. Since retainers must be worn constantly it is important to choose one which is comfortable to wear.

How can I properly care for my retainer?

Aside from cleaning it regularly, whenever the retainer is not being worn it should be placed in the plastic container that came with it. When worn you should not move it around with your tongue, as this can cause it to break. Pets like retainers, especially dogs, so be sure it is placed out of their reach. Your retainer should also never be placed in your pocket unless it is in the plastic case.

What is the difference between a bonded and removable retainer?

After a patient’s orthodontic treatment is complete they will initially be required to wear removable retainers much of the time, but eventually they may only need to wear them at night. Retainers which are bonded will be worn permanently, both during the day and at night.

About the Procedure

To care for your retainer you will want to brush it regularly with a toothbrush that is lathered. This will ensure that it remains clean, and there are specialized cleansing products which can be purchased at a pharmacy. Retainers should not be placed in dishwashers since the heat can cause a warped shape. Patients will also want to visit their dentist regularly to make sure the retainer’s bonding has not worn off. It is best to avoid biting down too hard on food which is crunchy or hard.

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