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Functional orthodontics involves the positioning of the jaws as well as straightening teeth. It is more extensive than traditional orthodontics, and many patients request it for aesthetic reasons. However, functional orthodontics can resolve an array of dental problems.

Benefits of Functional Orthodontics

A growing body of research suggests that a person’s oral health is directly associated with their overall health. Poor dental health increases the chances of developing health problems in other parts of the body. Some of the problems resulting from poor dental hygiene include migraine headaches, sleep disorders, hearing problems, heart attacks, dizziness and temporomandibular disorders.

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Functional Orthodontics | FAQ

What is the difference between functional and traditional orthodontics?

Functional orthodontics is more extensive than classical orthodontics, which focus primarily on teeth straightening. While traditional orthodontics is effective for children and teenagers it is less effective for adults whose teeth and jaws are fully developed, and who may need additional treatment. Functional orthodontics doesn’t limit itself merely to straightening the teeth, and will instead focus on reshaping and positioning the entire jaw and facial structure.

Why don’t all orthodontists offer functional orthodontics?

There is debate in the dental community about the cause and origin of facial/dental problems. Some practitioners believe that the causes are primarily genetic, and cannot be altered, while other practitioners believe that dental issues are primarily environmental, and with proper treatment can be resolved.

How can functional orthodontics improve my quality of life?

Many people, even those in the medical community, are not fully aware of the role that a person’s jaw structure and dental health plays in their general health. But a growing body of evidence shows that poor dental health can interfere with a child’s growth, cause heart problems, breathing problems, and sleeping problems later in life.

About the Procedure

The procedures used for functional orthodontics will vary depending on the specialist who treats the patient. To deal with crowded teeth some orthodontists will recommend tooth extraction, typically the premolars. This is done so that there will be room for the teeth which are crowded. This procedure is referred to as classical 4 bicuspid extractions, but may not be recommended by all orthodontists. Other procedures involve the widening of the mouth using various devices, which is done because when the mouth is widened more space will be acquired which means the teeth will be aligned. This procedure is referred to as non-extraction functional appliance.

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