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Clear aligners are specialized orthodontic units that make use of aligners which are transparent to adjust the teeth of patients. They can be used in place of traditional braces, and appear under a number of different brand names, the most popular of which is Invisalign. Clear aligners have a number of applications, but are mainly being used for patients who have crowded teeth, especially in the front of the mouth.

Benefits of Clear Alignment and Invisalign

Many patients, especially older adults who want their teeth straightened, are not thrilled about wearing traditional, metal braces. These individuals are looking for a solution which is effective, but also less noticeable. Clear aligners are also good for people who have had orthodontic treatment in the past, but whose teeth have relapsed as a result of not wearing a retainer. Invisalign is designed primarily for adults, and received FDA approval in 1998. It has won a number of awards for its design, and is popular among patients. As a result it has been adopted by the dental community.

Clear Alignment & Invisalign | FAQ

How long does it take to straighten teeth with clear aligners?

The time needed may vary from one patient to another, but on average the total treatment will take approximately 14 months.

What is the difference between clear aligners and braces?

Braces are an older dental technology which has been around for decades. While clear aligners perform the same function, they are a newer technology which offers high precision due to the computerized models which are used in their design. Clear aligners are much less noticeable than metal braces, which means they are better aesthetically, and are also more comfortable to wear. They are easier to remove, can be placed in the mouth faster, and are simpler to clean.

What can Invisalign do to improve my teeth?

In addition to providing patients with a better smile, these clear aligners can also improve a patient’s bite while reducing the crowding of teeth.

About the Procedure

Implementing a clear aligner is a multi-step process. First the patient must visit the dental office to get a mold taken of their teeth. This mold will then be used to generate a digitized scan of the teeth. Once this is done a computer model will then recommend a series of stages between the present condition of the teeth and the position which is desirable. An aligner will be created for each stage, and will need to be worn for about twenty hours per day for 14 days. During each stage the teeth will move slowly into the next position, after which the patient will repeat the process, switching to another clear aligner for another two weeks until their treatment is completed.

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