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The earlier dental problems are detected, the easier they are to treat. This is why children should regularly visit the dental office for evaluation. Child orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that involves detecting and preventing dental problems that can become problematic once a child becomes an adult. Proper dental treatment is crucial for children because their teeth are in a state of growth, which means that dentists can correct problems before their teeth become permanent.

Benefits of Child Orthodontics

Once a child reaches 7 years of age their teeth will have grown enough to where a dentist can determine how they will behave once the permanent teeth appear. The dentist will be able to determine whether there will be problems with the child’s bite, and if so they will be referred to an orthodontist that specializes in treating children. In addition to correcting bite, child orthodontics is designed to create better tooth arrangement, prevent teeth from protruding, improve the child’s appearance, and reduce the onset and cost of future dental issues.

Child Orthodontics | FAQ

When should my child receive orthodontics treatment?

Children should first be evaluated while they still have their baby teeth. This early evaluation is designed to determine how well the teeth are developing, and if there is a problem, it will be much easier for the dentist to intervene to ensure that the child’s teeth, jaw and gums form naturally.

What type of conditions warrant child orthodontics?

When evaluating a child, dentists will look for things such as deep bites, cross bites, crowding, open bites, teeth appearing in the wrong sequence and missing teeth. These are all abnormalities which should be corrected as early as possible.

Why does my dentist want to refer my child to a pediatric orthodontist?

It’s understandable that patients may be comfortable with their regular dentist, and may not want to be referred to a specialist. But you need to understand that dentistry is a vast, complex field with multiple specialties. A regular dentist does not have the specialized training that a pediatric orthodontist has in managing a child’s teeth and jaws. For your peace of mind, Dr. Rubinov is a highly experienced pediatric orthodontist so you can rest assured that you need not see another specialist.

About the Procedure

Child orthodontics involves two phases. During the first phase the dentist will evaluate the child to determine if there are any problems that need to be corrected. The bite of the child will be repaired, and the dentist will also instruct the child and parents on how to prevent bad dental habits. Braces may be used to guide the growth of the teeth and jaws to make sure everything is properly aligned.

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