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While dentists recommend getting dental problems corrected early in life, the fact of the matter is that some people don’t receive treatment for a wide variety of reasons. Perhaps as children, their parents lacked the funds to pay for dental treatment, or disregarded the importance of oral care. Regardless, it is never too late to receive orthodontics treatment as adults.

Benefits of Adult Orthodontics

A considerable number of adults have what dentists call a malocclusion, which means a poor bite. Others have teeth which crowd or drift. Adults whose parents were not well off financially and unable to afford braces when they were children may choose to receive adult orthodontics, sometimes purely for cosmetic reasons. It is certainly true that having a great smile is an excellent way to boost confidence as well as maintaining an active social life. Additionally, teeth which are not properly aligned are more difficult to clean and as a consequence are more susceptible to bacterial growth, deterioration and periodontal disease.

Adult Orthodontics | FAQ

Can I receive adult orthodontics if I have periodontal disease?

Yes, but periodontal disease must be resolved before adult orthodontics treatment can commence. The reason for this is because orthodontics involves the movement of the teeth, which can make periodontal disease worse if the condition is not resolved first. Because periodontal disease is more common in adults than children and teenagers, adults that wish to receive orthodontics must be evaluated to determine if they have periodontal disease, and if so, the extent of the condition.

Are there any risks involved with adult orthodontics?

While orthodontics itself has few risks, adults must be carefully evaluated before undergoing this operation because if they suffer from diabetes, heart valve disease or leukemia this could make orthodontics treatment problematic. Patients who have these conditions must be evaluated on a case by case basis.

I want adult orthodontics, but without the metal braces. Are there other options?

It is understandable that many adults don’t want the metal braces that are commonly worn by children and teenagers. However, technology has advanced rapidly, and dentists now offer transparent or clear braces that are an alternative to the classical metal versions, and they are less detectable.

About the Procedure

The procedure used for adult orthodontics is similar to child orthodontics. Braces, which come in the form of plastic or metal brackets which attach to the teeth, are the most common instruments used. They apply pressure to the teeth in a manner which allows them to be gradually and gently moved into the proper position.

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