Dental caries are often identified as tooth cavities that can cause tooth decay. One of the causes of dental caries is bacterial infection, which can cause damage to even the gum area in the form of pain and bleeding. If there is a loss of essential minerals in the tooth, dental caries could also occur. Microbial organisms have been found to release acids that erode the existing minerals on the tooth surface.

Understanding the Stages of Caries Development

For the first stage known as enamel caries, the first signs of dental caries often appear as yellowish spots on the surface of a tooth. This also indicates that there is a loss of calcium. At the stage known as dentin caries, the application of fluoride as well as minerals present in the saliva can help save the tooth from further decay. Oftentimes, the breakdown of tooth enamel will occur below the surface layer and does not cause any damage over the surface. But the problem could worsen if decay persists, as the damage is irreversible.

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Stages of Caries Development | FAQ

What are the common symptoms of caries development?

In most cases, early decay can go undetected as there is no discomfort or pain. But one or a cluster of other symptoms could include foul taste in mouth, pain when chewing or biting, visible holes or pits in the teeth, throbbing pain in tooth, or severe tooth sensitivity.

Can I prevent dental caries from further spreading by brushing my teeth?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. But brushing one’s teeth is still required. You should mechanical motion of brushing as well as after meals with fluoridated toothpaste. The mechanical motion of brushing can help lower the risk of dental caries and help loosen plaque.

How can I correct caries development?

If a cavity is physically present in your tooth, one of the options is to get it filled. To prevent future cavities from forming, a combination of regular brushing and mouth usage should suffice. You should keep in mind that the latter practice does not help with cavities that are pre-existing.

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Early detection of caries development can help prevent the tooth loss. Apart from following a proper oral hygiene routine, you should get your teeth checked out by a certified dentist to prevent the occurrence of dental caries. Do not hesitate to contact us at Real Smile Dental to schedule an appointment for your dental needs.