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In dentistry, the term “root canal has a two-fold meaning; more exactly, we utilize it to refer to the central cavity within the teeth that accommodates the soft pulp and nerve as well as to describe the procedure of treating the infection in this location. To summarize the basics of the root procedure performed by your dentist or endodontist – the sub-field of dentistry that specializes on this category of interventions – you would want to know that it mainly involves drilling the external shell of the affected tooth, removing the pulp/nerve inside, clearing the infection and applying a sealant to prevent the development of further abscesses.

The risk of not undergoing a root canal procedure

Because it doesn’t sound like one of the most pleasant dentistry procedures in the world, many people postpone this intervention as much as they can, sometimes to the point when the tooth can no longer be saved. That is a huge mistake, considering that in the early phases of root canal infection, the procedure is not all that “horrible and, if it is addressed quickly, you can keep the original tooth, minus the pulp and nerve tissue. Additional complications that are brought along by the progression of the infection include:

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Indicators that a root canal intervention could be necessary

Naturally, only your dentist can determine whether or not you need a root canal procedure after a close examination. However, several “classical symptoms mandate a visit to the dentist’s office is mandatory, even if the checkup does not reveal the necessity for a root canal intervention.

To put it simply, experiencing one or more of the following problems could indicate the development of an abscess in the pulp of your tooth:

  • Severe localized painful sensations when you chew or apply pressure on the tooth.
  • Excessive sensitivity to temperature extremes (either hot or cold) that persists long after the stimulus has been taken away.
  • Dark spots or discoloration across the surface of the teeth.
  • Your gums often swell or become very tender.
  • The manifestation of recurring pimples on the soft tissue in your mouth (gums, inside cheeks, etc.)

Putting your mind at ease

As previously mentioned, the reputation of the root canal among people who have never undergone this type of procedure at the hands of a veteran dentist/endodontist is not at all pleasant. Fortunately, it is safe to say that the level of pain and discomfort is highly exaggerated and only mild anesthetics are necessary to keep them in check.
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