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Onlay restorations are a type of customized filling which is comprised of various materials, such as gold, composites or porcelain. Dentists may sometimes refer to onlays as being partial crowns. The onlay is produced in a laboratory and will be cemented into the patient’s mouth by the dentist. This procedure is permanent. Onlay restorations are used in scenarios where the teeth have become badly defective, either as a result of decay or injury.

Benefits of Onlay Restorations

Onlay restorations provide both cosmetic and practical advantages. In addition to enhancing the structural integrity of teeth, they also provide the patient with a more attractive smile. Dentists will recommend onlay restorations in situations where the teeth are badly decayed, the filling has been fractured, a tooth is broken or a filling is larger than it should be.

Onlay Restorations | FAQ

How do onlay restorations differ from inlay restorations?

Onlay restorations differ from inlay restorations because with onlays the chewing cusps are affected, which means they must be added to the restoration.

Do onlay restorations require regular maintenance?

The maintenance required for onlays is no different than the maintenance needed for natural teeth. You will want to maintain a balanced diet, visit your dentist regularly for cleanings and brush and floss daily. By doing this you will extend the life of the onlay which is already durable.

What type of materials are onlay restorations made from?

The three materials most commonly used with onlay restorations are porcelain, resin and gold. Patients who are not concerned with cosmetics should select gold, as it offers the highest quality, while porcelain most closely resembles the surrounding teeth. Resin is the best material for patients who have a bite which is misaligned, or who grind their teeth excessively.

About the Procedure

Receiving an onlay restoration will require a patient to make several trips to the dental office. During the initial appointment the dentist will discuss the procedure with the patient and examine their teeth to determine the best course of action. The dentist will then capture an impression of your teeth which can then be sent to a dental laboratory where the technician can use the impression to design the onlay.

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