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When a dentist performs an inlay restoration a filling which is custom designed in a laboratory will be cemented in a patient’s mouth. This filling may be comprised of materials such as porcelain or gold, and is used to treat teeth which have been damaged as a result of injury or deterioration. While an inlay restoration is not a permanent feature it will last for many years, and will provide both cosmetic and practical benefits.

Benefits of Inlay Restorations

Inlay restorations are an excellent alternative to fillings which use composite or silver. Many dentists also prefer them over crowns because they require a smaller amount of the tooth’s structure to be sacrificed. Inlay restorations are ideal in situations where the teeth are broken or fractured, or where the filling is too large or damaged. A number of patients receive inlay restorations purely for cosmetic reasons.

Inlay Restorations | FAQ

How do inlay restorations differ from fillings?

Inlay restorations provide greater resistance to occlusal pressure than fillings, and they also provide increased protection against tooth decay. They offer a wider choice of materials and superior precision when they are fabricated.

How strong is an inlay restoration?

Inlay restorations are exceptionally durable. They are the preferred choice in situations where a tooth is badly damaged, and they offer a nice fit combined with strength that ensures they will last a long time.

What type of material should I select for my inlay restoration?

It is best to talk with your dentist to determine which material is best for you. Inlay restorations can be made from resin, gold or porcelain, and each material has its advantages and disadvantages. The material you choose for the inlay will also determine the cost.

About the Procedure

Receiving an inlay restoration typically requires a patient to visit their dentist office multiple times. During the first visit the dentist will focus on acquiring molds of your teeth which will be used to design the inlay. It is important for these molds to be accurate so that the inlay will fit in your mouth. While you wait for the inlay to be designed a temporary filling will be provided to you. Before this filling can be applied the dentist must numb the tooth and then clean any debris that is present.

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