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An individual who loses more than one tooth may experience a variety of problems associated with both the function and appearance of their mouth. Tooth loss can result in changes to the occlusion (your bite), as well as your manner of speaking and disorders of the joints. It is for this reason that dentists developed dental bridge restoration. This procedure is similar to dentures or implants, and is used to repair a mouth which is missing multiple teeth. Dental bridges may be fixed, cantilever or resin bonded.

Benefits of Dental Bridge Restoration

Dental bridge restoration is effective because it restores proper functioning to the mouth, teeth and jaws. A patient that loses their teeth has an increased risk of developing periodontal disease, which will cause more teeth to decay. Standard dental bridge restoration necessitates the sculpting of the teeth which surround the gap. The dentist will place crowns on the teeth that have been shaped, and will then implant the artificial tooth, which is referred to as the pontic. The pontic will provide the mouth and teeth with improved functionality.

Dental Bridge Restoration | FAQ

What should I do after my dental bridge restoration is completed?

Once your dentist has cemented the bridge in place they will provide you with information which is related to oral hygiene. This information is designed maintain the bridge while ensuring you don’t lose any more teeth.

Why is dental bridge restoration so expensive?

The cost of a dental bridge will depend on many variables, including the material used in its construction, the time the dentist must spend preparing the teeth, and the location of the dentist. The fees for dental bridge restoration are charged per tooth, so a patient missing multiple teeth will spend more than a patient who is missing less.

What is the difference between conventional and resin bonded dental bridge restoration?

Conventional dental bridge restoration will require the teeth which surround a gap to be shaped; while a dental bridge which is resin bonded will not require much preparation for the surrounding teeth.

About the Procedure

Before dental bridge restoration can be performed the dentist must first meet with the patient to determine their eligibility. During this meeting the dentist will assess the patient’s gums and teeth to determine whether a dental bridge restoration is the ideal solution. If the dentist determines that the patient is eligible for the procedure they will apply an anesthetic to the damaged teeth so that they can be prepped to accept the bridge.

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