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A composite filling is a material which is used for tooth restoration. It will typically come in the form of a resin which is designed to display the same look and texture as natural teeth. When a patient has a cavity, composite filling can be used to cover it, and they are also used in situations where the front teeth must be bonded.

Benefits of Composite Fillings

Recent advances in dental technology have made composite fillings advantageous for many patients. In the past the only material that was available was amalgam, and patients who wanted restorations which looked more natural had to opt for more expensive procedures such as dental crowns. However, resin gives dentists the ability to manage dental cavities without resorting to procedures which are invasive.

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Composite Fillings | FAQ

What makes composite resin such a good material over others such as amalgam and silver?

Many patients prefer resin for aesthetic reasons. Other materials such as silver, when used as a tooth filling makes it obvious to everyone you’ve had dental work, as silver looks substantially different from tooth enamel. Amalgam requires a considerable amount of tooth structure to be removed, so dentists prefer resin as it retains a greater percentage of the original teeth.

What are some disadvantages to using composite resin?

Composite resin has a number of weaknesses. It is not as tough as amalgam and doesn’t last as long. Additionally, it doesn’t work well for big dental fillings.

How long does a composite filling last?

The average composite filling will last about ten years.

About the Procedure

Composite fillings will typically be implanted by a dentist that specializes in cosmetic dentistry. The task is more complex than that used for the implantation of an amalgam filling. The dentist will first need to isolate the tooth from the patient’s saliva, so it can be dried. He will then use a drill to clean out the areas of the tooth which have deteriorated. Next the composite resin will be placed above the opening, usually in the form of layers.

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