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Orthodontic treatment is used to move improperly aligned teeth to a more desirable position so that it improves the appearance of the patient, chewing function and biting position. This type of treatment can last up to three years and also involves the use of dental braces. A suitable time for placement of braces is between ten to fourteen years of age, while the mouth is still developing and the teeth are more susceptible to straightening.

Dental retainers are usually used after the completion of the orthodontic treatment and the patient will wear it for several years or indefinitely. They are needed for the continued maintenance of teeth as well as preserve the improved bite and smile that were formed by the previous treatment. If you are feeling mild to severe discomfort while wearing braces or a retainer, you need to watch out for complications.

Symptoms of Retainer & Braces Complications

Retainer & Braces Complications | FAQ

Are retainers and braces risky?

No. They are just like any medical or dental procedure, and there are always some risks involved in orthodontic treatment. You can rest assured knowing that many adults are able to complete their treatment without any major complications. You just need to follow your dentist’s instructions and maintain a proper oral care regimen.

What should I do if my retainer is not fitting very well?

Some patients’ teeth may start to shift when they are wearing retainers. When you have just started wearing retainers after removing your braces, keep to regular retainer check appointments with your dentist. You will want to detect these potential problems early so that your dentist can make the necessary adjustments for increased compliance and prevent severe problems from surfacing.

Is following retainer wear instructions important?

Yes. You should wear a retainer as instructed, as it’s the most critical piece of advice. Lack of retainer wear following the braces, can cause undesirable shifting and relapse of the teeth. Once your teeth begin to shift, your retainer will not fit as well and your teeth will continue to shift even further. If your teeth have moved too much, you will need to wear braces again to realign the teeth.

Does age increase the risk of braces and retainer complications?

There is no age limit for braces so you are never too old to wear them. An increasing number of patients who are over the age of 30 are getting braces to correct their bite and straighten their teeth.

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Treatment Methods for Retainer & Braces Complications

The dentist may schedule regular braces or retainer check appointments after the first signs of retainer and braces complications. They will keep close watch to how your teeth are reacting to these dental applications and make the necessary adjustments to reduce discomfort and prevent more problems from happening. If the complications are slightly more severe, drugs may be prescribed to you to speed up recovery.

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