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A possible broken jaw is a common type of facial fracture that can happen anywhere along the jawbone and can be caused by a punch to the jaw, a collision during contact sports, an accidental fall from a motorcycle, or hitting the dashboard during a car accident. These impact forces may also dislodge teeth, and cause small fragments of the broken jaw to pierce the gum. In some cases, a mild jaw fracture may cause temporary problems or complications that will resolve over time with appropriate treatment. However, you must see a dentist or doctor right away to prevent the development of further infections of the jaw or face.

Symptoms of a Possible Broken Jaw

Possible Broken Jaw| FAQ

What should I do before seeing the dentist?

You should stop moving the jaw unnecessarily. If possible, secure your jaw in place by tying a towel around it and over the top of your head. If you notice any swelling, apply cold packs. Proceed to seek emergency medical assistance from a dentist right away.

Can I still talk while recovering?

Yes, definitely. You will be surprised to know that you will be more legible than you would have imagined.

How do I eat?

Limited movement of the jawbone promotes healing so you will want to follow a soft, liquid diet for the time being. Gently slurp off a spoon or suck through a straw. Never strain yourself under any circumstances.

What are my chances of recovery from a possible broken jaw?

If your fracture is treated promptly and properly, your outlook will be very good. If a fracture is ignored, you might experience long-term complications such as long-lasting facial pain, long-lasting facial pain or limitation of movement at the jaw area.

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Treatment Methods for Possible Broken Jaw

Your symptoms will be reviewed by the dentist to determine the true extent of your injury. To make sure that a broken jaw is the problem, a standard X-ray or computed tomography scan (CT scan) may be ordered to ensure a more accurate diagnosis. If it’s a broken jaw, the break may be repaired with fine screws or metal plates, or by realigning the fractured pieces of bone with wires. If fragments of bone have already pierced the gums or skin, or if your teeth were loosened, the doctor may prescribe an antibiotic, such as clindamycin or penicillin, to reduce the risk of infection.

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