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Every year, a multitude of teeth are knocked out due to sports injuries or fights. The good news is that a knocked out tooth can be re-implanted under the right conditions. If the tooth can be replanted shortly after the accident, the chance of retaining the knocked out tooth for life is much higher. Knocked out teeth is considered as a serious dental emergency, especially for permanent teeth, so it is pertinent that you see a dentist right within the hour of the accident. Delays will only cause more damage to the tooth.

Symptoms of a Knocked Out Tooth

The symptoms of a knocked out tooth are very noticeable and they include a gap in your mouth, bleeding gum, facial swelling, or a combination of those three. Once you notice any of these symptoms, you should look for the missing tooth and attempt to re-implant it immediately before heading to the dentist. If you are afraid of re-implanting the tooth by yourself, store in it a proper storage medium and bring it along with you.

Knocked Out Tooth | FAQ

What should I do if my child knocks out his baby tooth?

If it’s a baby tooth, you shouldn’t attempt to re-implant it as it could damage the developing adult tooth underneath. If he or she is bleeding, get them to bite a clean tissue to stop the bleeding. A trip to the dentist’s office is recommended as you will want to rule out any other damage.

Why is having a knocked out tooth risky?

Bacteria can enter through the exposed tooth socket and produce inflammation. When the socket becomes infected, it could diminish the survivability of the tooth, even though it has been re-implanted.

What are best storage mediums for a knocked out tooth?

Saliva (place the tooth into the cheek of the mouth), Fresh or UHT milk (not evaporated or condensed), Undiluted coconut water or Viaspan. A tooth should not be stored in water as it will damage the root surface cells. Once the tooth is portable, you should see a dentist immediately.

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Treatment Methods for a Knocked Out Tooth

The dentist will flush debris from the socket with cold water and attempt to slip the tooth back into place. He or she will then splint the knocked out tooth to the neighboring teeth (on either side) with a composite material and/or soft wire. This will allow the knocked out tooth to be held in place for the next few days. Depending on how long the tooth was knocked out of the mouth, the dentist may or may not perform a root canal surgery. After three months or more, the dentist will examine the tooth again. If there are no signs of infection, the frequency of mandatory checkups is reduced.

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