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Severe trauma to the mouth and facial area from sports or other accidents can cause a tooth to be knocked completely out of its socket. This is a real dental emergency that must be taken very seriously. An avulsed tooth can often be saved if it is replanted straight back into the socket but there may be various reasons that make it difficult to do so. For instance, the avulsed tooth could be covered with debris and has to be fully sanitized before it can be replanted back into the socket. If the situation permits, you should promptly seek medical assistance from a dental professional.

Symptoms of an Avulsed Tooth


What should I do if I can’t wash the tooth and replant it in time?

If possible, you will want to place the avulsed tooth in a suitable storage medium such as milk or saline. The tooth can also be transported in the mouth and you will have to keep it between the molars and the inside of your cheek (this method not suitable for kids as they may swallow the tooth by accident).

What should I do after receiving treatment?

You should avoid playing any contact sports until you are fully recovered. Also, you will want to consume soft food for at least two weeks. You may brush your teeth with a soft-bristle toothbrush after each meal and use a 0.1% chlorhexidine mouth wash twice a day, for a week.

My tooth has been replanted. How often should I go for checkups?

Your dentist will need to examine the replanted tooth again in three to six months. If there are no signs of infection, the visit should occur at your annual checkup. This process will continue for the next two to three years as you want to ensure that your tooth has been successfully re-implanted.

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Treatment Methods for an Avulsed Tooth

The dentist will clean the avulsed tooth with an appropriate cleaning solution without damaging the tooth’s periodontal tissue. Once the root of the avulsed tooth appears clean, he or she will proceed to replant it with the smooth flat surface forward. The dentist will apply sustained pressure to push out excess blood that has accumulated in the socket. They may continue to hold it there to prevent it from extruding from the socket. Follow-up treatments are required to ensure that there are no complications, and the tooth and the affected gum area is healing properly.

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