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A porcelain inlay is a type of filling which resembles natural teeth. They are designed in dental laboratories and are installed in the mouth by a dentist. Inlays are used to repair teeth which have defective fillings or which are damaged. A variety of different materials such as silver can be used as a filling, but porcelain is popular because it has an appearance and texture which is similar to normal teeth.

Benefits of Porcelain Inlays

Porcelain inlays are beneficial in situations where teeth have decayed or been fractured. Some dentists consider them to be better than crowns since they require a smaller amount of the tooth structure to be removed when placed in the mouth. Porcelain inlays are extremely durable, and when properly cared for they can last for many years, but eventually may need to be replaced.

Porcelain Inlays | FAQ

When do I need to get a porcelain inlay?

A dentist will recommend a porcelain inlay in any situation where the chewing surface of a tooth needs to be repaired. Dental inlays are also recommended if the tooth is broken or has a hole in it.

Is there any pain when the porcelain inlay is installed?

The patient shouldn’t experience any pain when undergoing an inlay procedure. The reason for this is because the dentist will use a local anesthesia which will prepare your tooth for the operation.

How can I properly maintain my porcelain inlays?

The procedures used to care for your porcelain inlays are similar to those used for normal teeth. You should brush your teeth regularly, at least twice a day, and you should also use floss to clean between your teeth. Visiting your dentist regularly will also detect any problems with the inlay.

About the Procedure

When receiving a porcelain inlay a patient will typically be required to visit the dentist office twice. During the initial appointment the dentist will take a number of impressions which are used to accurately design the patient’s inlay. The tooth will be numbed and the dentist will get rid any deterioration or aging filling materials which are present. The tooth will be carefully cleaned and prepared so the inlay can be fitted. Because it will take time to design the inlay in the laboratory, in the meantime the dentist will provide you with a temporary filling you can use.

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