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Full mouth rehabilitation consists of a series of procedures which involve the restoration of the teeth and jaws. Some dentists specialize in the gums, while others focus on jaw movement or tooth pulp. Full mouth rehabilitation is often needed in severe circumstances where the patient has lost a significant number of teeth due to trauma or deterioration. It will also be used in situations where the patient is experiencing chronic pain as a result of problems with their jaw or occlusion.

Benefits of Full Mouth Rehabilitation

The greatest advantage of full mouth rehabilitation is that it covers the majority of serious dental problems an individual may encounter over their lifetime. For instance, problems which occur with the teeth, whether it involves decay or fractures resulting from injury can be resolved with this treatment. Additionally, patients that suffer from advanced periodontal disease or problems with their jaw bite can also benefit greatly from full mouth rehabilitation. This treatment is considered by most dentists to be one of the most comprehensive dental services available.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation | FAQ

What is the difference between full mouth rehabilitation and cosmetic dentistry?

The difference between the two is that cosmetic surgery is a procedure that patients undergo primarily for cosmetic reasons (to get a better smile or more attractive teeth), while full mouth rehabilitation is something that a patients needs to have performed due to trauma or decay. While full mouth rehabilitation can certainly produce cosmetic benefits, this is not the primary purpose of the procedure.

Are there any risks associated with full mouth rehabilitation?

Because full mouth rehabilitation involves a variety of procedures, including surgery, there is always risk associated with them. This is why it is extremely important to select a reliable and experienced dentist for the procedure, and patients should consult with them to develop a customized treatment plan.

Is full mouth rehabilitation covered by insurance?

Dental insurance may cover some of the costs which are associated with this treatment. It will ultimately be determined by your diagnosis and the plan your dentist has created.

About the Procedure

Because full mouth rehabilitation involves an array of different procedures and treatments, only a dentist can determine specifically what is needed for each individual patient. However, full mouth rehabilitation will usually require a patient to complete multiple phases and visit the dental office many times. The entire process can easily last up to a year, and some of the standard techniques which are used include periodontal care and cleaning, crown and bridge maintenance, surgery for jaw repositioning, the addition to restorations, braces, and bone grafting so that tooth stability is restored.

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