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Invented by Dr. Christian Coachman in 2007, Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a groundbreaking dental treatment that involves both the dental team and the patient in a journey to create a beautiful smile for the patient together. More than just a set of software to digitally create the perfect smile, Digital Smile Design is also a working philosophy about bringing the patient into the visually powerful smile design process, and improving the communication between the various dental team members such as the dentist, and the master ceramist. This ensures that every DSD process will help patients to achieve a smile that is truly what they have desired.

Benefits of Digital Smile Design

One of the most unique benefits that a patient can get from DSD is that you can expect your emotional health to be catered to during the smile design process. This is because DSD is not only about correcting functional and biological problems in your mouth, but also about designing a smile that you have always wanted, complementing the physical characteristics you want to highlight or the emotional aspects you want to portray. Simply put, it is a highly patient-centric dental treatment.

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Digital Smile Design | FAQ

Why do I need to do a video recording for DSD?

This is because in Digital Smile Design, we are highly focused on creating smiles that are integrated with your physical characteristics. With photos, we will not be able to see certain features such as your lip movements when you talk. By doing a short video, we can use it to analyze how best to design your smile.

How long does Digital Smile Design take?

The Digital Smile Design process itself is fast. Taking photos and a video recording for our smile design process is within a single appointment. However, the entire treatment process will vary based on the types of dental treatments you have to undergo. We can only advise you on the time frame after you have finalized your smile design.

How much does DSD cost?

The cost for DSD will vary from one patient to another. The rates will depend on the number and types of dental treatments involved, and the NHS may not cover the procedure if you need the treatment purely for cosmetic reasons.

About the Procedure

The dental team will first do a smile analysis of your current smile by taking photos and videos, while noting your personality traits (such as how you speak and laugh). We will discuss how your dental and facial features can be enhanced while also listening to your aesthetic expectations.

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