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The dental bridge is a common procedure which is used in situations where teeth are missing. The procedure is given its name due to the fact that the gap is “bridged once the treatment has been completed. A bridge will be comprised of pontics, which are artificial teeth. The pontics will be attached through the usage of crowns, and the material most commonly used in their construction is porcelain, though gold, silver or amalgam may also be used.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Regardless of the type of dental bridge a patient receives, the procedure will provide a number of benefits, both practically and aesthetically speaking. The dental bridge will provide improved oral functionality, and the patient will be healthier. Advances in dental technology allow dental bridges to be designed in such a way where they are almost completely indistinguishable from normal teeth.

Dental Bridges | FAQ

What material should I use for my dental bridge?

The material you choose for your dental bridge should be dependent on your tastes, budget and needs. No material is perfect, and cutting edge options such as zirconia will be more expensive than other dental bridge materials. Dental bridges should be considered an investment, and patients should try to get the best they can afford.

Are there any downsides to using dental bridges?

Dental bridges have proven to be an effective treatment. However, the process used to fabricate them is extensive, as they must be crafted within a laboratory. Placing the bridges in the patient’s mouth is an intensive and complex process, and must be done by a dentist that is both trained and experienced. All of these factors mean that dental bridges will be considered expensive by many people. However, most insurance plans will cover the cost of the procedure, and many dentists offer payment plans.

How much do dental bridges cost?

The cost for a dental bridge can vary widely depending on a number of different factors. Some of these include location, the material used in the bridge, and the experience the dentist has in their installation. Dentists who are experienced and make use of the latest equipment will typically charge rates which are higher than the norm. The fee for dental bridges will typically be charged for each artificial tooth. This means that a bridge with a single pontic will be cheaper than a bridge that requires two pontics.

About the Procedure

Dental bridges are ideal for patients who are missing up to three teeth consecutively. If a patient is missing more than three teeth dentures may be recommended. When a dental bridge is installed the dentist will use the surrounding teeth as its foundation. It is essential for the surrounding teeth to be structurally durable and free from deterioration. Patients who have gingivitis or periodontitis may need to receive treatment for these conditions before dental bridges can be applied.

Implant Dentistry – Alternative to Dental Bridges

Although you know that dental bridges have their benefits, it’s pertinent to mention that with the advancement of dental implants, it may be more conservative and cost-effective to replace a single missing tooth with a dental implant instead of doing a dental bridge. Talk to Dr. Rubinov if you want to compare both types of procedures and learn about their suitability for your specific needs.

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