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Laser dentistry involves the use of equipment which produces intense light beams to cause a reaction in the tissue. The laser can alter the shape of the tissue or remove it completely. Laser dentistry is a considerably new technology that was first introduced in the 1990s and has been adopted by many dentists worldwide over the last two decades.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

There are many advantages that laser dentistry has over traditional procedures. They can be used for the exposure of wisdom teeth which have erupted partially, and they can also be used to remove muscle connections which decrease proper jaw movement. Lasers are especially effective for biopsies and can remove gum tissue which has become inflamed.

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Laser Dentistry | FAQ

Is laser dentistry safe?

Laser dentistry is as safe as other dental equipment when used correctly by a dental professional who is trained. Because lasers can damage the eyes, when undergoing laser dentistry, the dentist will want you wear special lenses which will prevent your eyes from being damaged by the light.

How is laser dentistry different from traditional forms of treatment?

Many patients find laser dentistry to be more relaxing than traditional tools such as drills. Lasers also offer dentists a higher level of precision with tremendous power. Some patients find that the healing associated with laser dentistry is much more rapid than traditional dental procedures, and lasers make it easier to control bleeding.

How can I verify that my dentist is qualified to use a laser?

Consult with your dentist regarding their laser training. They should have completed courses directly from the equipment manufacturer, and many dental schools also offer specialized laser training and credentials. One of the most noteworthy organizations is the ALD, or Academy of Laser Dentistry.

About the Procedure

A laser functions by providing energy which appears as light. When used by dentists, the laser can be used for the cutting of tissue, but can also act as a vaporizer. Dentists will also use lasers to cure a filling, and the beam will then enhance the bond that exists between the filling and the teeth.

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