Are Dental Implants Confidence Boosters?

October 24, 2019

If you answer “yes” to the following question – Is a million dollar smile a confidence booster? – then yes, it would make sense that dental implants (should you need them) could be a major confidence booster! A lot of it depends on how important your smile is to you.

We do, whether we realize it or not, depend on our smile in many ways. A beautiful smile makes a good first impression. A winning smile can make a lasting one. First impressions are important during job interviews, on a date, when meeting the relatives (or potential relatives) for the first time, when making a presentation, and much more.

With all that in mind, it is surprising that over 120 million Americans are still in need of cosmetic dentistry due to tooth loss. Self-esteem and appearance can both be improved through today’s modern treatment techniques.

Let’s take a look at ways in which a dental implant can boost your confidence.

First Things First – What’s an Implant?

A dental implant replaces a missing tooth. The new, artificial tooth has a sturdy, safe base provided by a root substitute through the use of a titanium rod. To provide maximum support and strength, a process known as “osseointegration” takes place. This process occurs when the implant fuses with the bone after being inserted beneath the gum, into the jawbone. With properly applied dental implants, patients can once again smile, speak, and eat with confidence.

Increasing Self-Confidence

Yes, the maintenance of good oral health can be achieved (in part) by replacing missing teeth. But self-esteem can be boosted by dental implants, as well. Here’s how it works:

  • The solution is long-lasting – Dental implants, with proper care, can last for years. It is entirely possible that your confidence-filled future, courtesy of your new implant, can (very possibly) last a lifetime without implant replacement.
  • Speech and movement are no longer restricted – If you find yourself slurring your speech or mumbling as a result of ill-fitting dentures, you might be a candidate for a dental implant. Firmly fixed inside your mouth, dental implants could be the solution to this embarrassing scenario.  
  • Favorite foods can once again be enjoyed – You might be reluctant to eat in front of others, or be unable to enjoy certain foods, due to failing teeth or gaps between your teeth. But whether in a restaurant or at home, the confidence to enjoy the foods you love most can be restored by dental implants. They provide the power of natural teeth and give you full chewing power once again.
  • You may find yourself looking younger – When a tooth falls out, over time, the jawbone can decrease gradually. This can lead to a sunken mouth, wrinkled lips, and an older looking face. You can maintain your facial profile, however, through the use of dental implants. They will help reinvigorate bone growth and preserve existing bone and teeth.
  • A healthy smile can be reclaimed – You may be reluctant to smile properly or feel self-conscious because of loose dentures, a loose or damaged bridge, or a missing tooth. You can once again flash that winning smile with dental implants that feel and look like natural teeth.

The professionals at Real Smile Dental know dental implants inside and out and the effect they can have on the self-confidence of their patients. If you would like to speak to someone about dental implants, or even just set up a basic appointment, contact us today.

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