5 Common Bite Issues That Affect Adults And Children

July 3, 2019

It would be wonderful if everyone was born with two perfectly straight rows of teeth, with upper and lower teeth coming together in perfect alignment. But the world is not perfect, and neither is everyone’s teeth – and that is perfectly fine, because bad bite, or “malocclusion, can be fixed. Dentists have seen many bite issues over the course of their work, but 5 in particular are outstanding as being among the most common. Read on to learn more about these issues and how they can be fixed.


When there is not enough space in the mouth for all the teeth to grow. Possibly caused either by large sized teeth, or a small jaw, or both. Crowded teeth may cause overlapping, rotated teeth, or look crooked in the mouth. Crowded teeth are difficult to clean, may cause cavities, and over time may lead to gum disease.


The opposite of crowding, this is when there is too much space in between teeth. Possibly caused by missing teeth, extracted teeth, undersized teeth or oversized jaws. Overly spaced out teeth may cause food to get easily stuck in the gaps, cause cavities and gum disease.


This is so common it has a nickname – “buck teeth. The front teeth stick out at an angle, sometimes out of the mouth. This could be due to an upper jaw being too far forward, lower jaw too far back, teeth growing at an angle, or a combination of these factors. Upper teeth may be prone to breaking accidentally, and it may be hard to comfortable close the mouth, which may dry out the oral tissues and lead to tooth decay. It also causes a long facial appearance, and may be a speech impediment.


When the lower jaw sits in front of the upper jaw. This may cause a “bull dog appearance. It can also place excessive stress and wear down teeth due to friction. It may also cause stress on the jaw joints and lead to pain.


Possibly the most common bite issue of all, this is when your upper teeth overlap the lower ones. A small overlap is normal, but if it is a large overlap, it can be problematic. People with deep overbites are at risk of wearing down their lower teeth. The chin may also get pushed back towards the jaw joint, leading to pain or clicking.

All of these are very common bite issues and usually can be fixed without problems by a skilled dentist. Though it may take time to correct these issues as it involves teeth growing into the right alignment or sometimes realigning the jaw, achieved by functional orthodontics, the effort will be worth the improvement to your life and general well-being.

If a child is experiencing these bite issues, it is advisable to take action while they still have their baby teeth so that their adult teeth can grow properly. Speak to an experienced dental consultant if you have any bite issues that need to be addressed.

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