Orthodontic Treatment Cliffside Park, Bergen County NJ

Real Smile Dental has many years of experience with helping patients correct their bites and achieve confident smiles. If you need help with aligning your teeth to achieve ideal jaw function, we recommend that you seek orthodontic treatment. What’s more, orthodontics is convenient, affordable and simple for patients of all ages. Not only do you achieve an improved smile, you will be more resistant to potential gum diseases and your teeth will be easier to clean in the long run.

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment offers patients benefits that often go beyond physical changes of straighter teeth and an improved bite. The treatment can also improve your overall self-image, and alleviate any health problems associated with the jaw or teeth. You will be able to live your life worry-free, and without being hampered by the perils of unhealthy jaw joints.

The oral health benefits that orthodontic treatments offer are actually quite impressive. You see, it’s difficult to remove plaque through normal brushing and flossing when you have overcrowded teeth. In addition, spaced teeth may trap tiny food debris that requires frequent flossing. Orthodontic treatment will align your teeth to overcome the mentioned dental hygiene challenges and reduce your chance of developing cavities.

Misaligned teeth can promote problems like jaw joint problems (TMJ disorders) and teeth grinding (Bruxism) because your teeth hit, grind, tap, or prevent you from closing your mouth properly. When you opt for orthodontic treatment, you can prevent these damages. What’s more, you will be able to close your mouth and have your lower and upper teeth fit together comfortably.

Orthodontic Treatment Services that We Specialize in

Real Smile Dental is The Expert in Orthodontic Treatment

Real Smile Dental is a leading dental practice that uses state-of-the-art technology to help patients correct deep overbites as well as alleviate swallowing and breathing symptoms. Both Dr. Leonid Rubinov and Dr. Alex Rubinov are renowned dentists, and have practiced dentistry both domestically and internationally. This, together with years of beautifying and transforming smiles, has resulted in them acquiring a wealth of experience and expertise to perform successful orthodontic treatments with consistent outcomes.

We provide personalized orthodontic care and ensure you receive quality dental services that you truly deserve. We are able to provide comprehensive treatment planning and use the right techniques to achieve optimal treatment results that last. When you need to take an x-ray, you can rest assured that they are digital, and your risks of exposure to radiation is greatly reduced.

At Real Smile Dental, we continually strive to make your dental and orthodontic visits both a relaxing and positive experience. We are dedicated to providing you with exceptional personalized care and service to make your visits as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Enhance the natural beauty of your smile today by calling us at Real Smile Dental. You will find that it is extremely conveniently to arrange a personalized consultation with Dr. Rubinov!