Cosmetic Dentistry Cliffside Park, Bergen County NJ

Real Smile Dental believes that cosmetic dentistry truly delivers life-changing benefits from our interaction with our patients over the years. We have seen stained teeth turned into pearly white gems, broken teeth replaced with porcelain veneers, crooked smiles transformed into dazzling smiles via full mouth rehabilitation, and much, much more. That’s why we are so passionate about the positive impact cosmetic dentistry can have in recreating your Real Smile.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

One of the most obvious benefits that cosmetic dentistry affords our customers is that it truly delivers life-changing results. Not only will you look good on the outside, you will feel good on the inside too. Many of our patients have reported a lift in their self-esteem after their cosmetic dentistry procedures to correct the various dental problems they have been battling with.

Cosmetic dentistry is also easily accessible today in terms of availability and costs so customers have a wide range of options at prices that do not break the bank. What’s more, many healthcare insurance providers cover cosmetic dental procedures today so this can help you pay for a procedure which you were not able to afford in the past.

What we love about cosmetic dentistry is also the long-lasting effects that our customers can enjoy. Compared to other types of cosmetic procedures for the body, many cosmetic dentistry procedures can last more than 10 years. You will also celebrate the fact that success rates for cosmetic dentistry are very high, with many dental practices citing numbers over 90%. What’s more, the recovery time is very short so there’s not much downtime that you have to experience after a certain cosmetic dental procedure.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services that We Specialize in

Real Smile Dental is The Expert in Cosmetic Dentistry

We employ the most advanced techniques and technology in cosmetic dentistry to help our patients create the desired smile with spectacular aesthetic results. Dr. Leonid Rubinov has been voted the Top Dentist in Bergen County, and has been featured on many leading platforms in the press. Together with his son, Dr. Alex Rubinov, who has received the prestigious New York State Dental Foundation Deans Award at Columbia University, both doctors are passionate about serving the needs of their patients.

When you visit Real Smile Dental for cosmetic dentistry services, you will receive treatment planning customized to your needs and expectations. We practice a client-first approach so you can be sure that emphatic listening is one of our fortes here at our dental facility.

You deserve the lift to your appearance and confidence that comes with having a great smile. Call us today at Real Smile Dental to arrange for a personalized consultation with Dr. Rubinov!