Your teeth are important to your health, comfort and appearance. Spend your dental dollar on prevention, not intervention, wherever you can. Dental problems are progressive. Let us help you spot them early. It is always better to fix a tooth, than to replace it. Why save a tooth? Losing a tooth may upset the placement of other teeth and lead to further tooth loss. Losing a tooth will affect the quality of your life, your ability to eat and speak and your willingness to smile.
You may end up paying more for costly replacement teeth and restorative work. Your teeth are precious. Save them at all cost. If your dentist recommends a procedure that seems costly, make sure you understand the reason for it. Sometimes, a procedure may cost you more initially, but save you money in the long run.

Let us help you estimate your long term needs and plan a dental care budget. Together we can develop a long-term treatment and maintenance plan that meets your needs. Prevention pays with better health, comfort and appearance. Dental care is not expensive. But neglect IS! Co-operation is critical for long term success. We can help you maintain a healthy Real Smile for life!