Besides providing a wide spectrum of dental services, Real Smile Dental values the need to educate our customers on various dental problems, especially those needing dental emergency procedures, as well as help them understand the steps to take for better dental health. We also know that you may have questions relating to your dental budget and insurance. That’s why we have created a helpful section for our customers. Do browse through our patient resources today and enrich your knowledge!

Patient Resource Categories

Dental Emergency Procedures

Being prepared for a dental emergency is no accident. It takes a little time and thought, but by knowing what to do before an accident happens, you may someday save a tooth – yours or someone else and help to keep your Real Smile.

Your Dental Budget

Your teeth are important to your health, comfort and appearance. Spend your dental dollar on prevention, not intervention, wherever you can. Dental problems are progressive. Let us help you spot them early. It is always better to fix a tooth, than to replace it. Why save a tooth? Losing a tooth may upset the placement of other teeth and lead to further tooth loss. Losing a tooth will affect the quality of your life, your ability to eat and speak and your willingness to smile.

Your Dental Insurance

Many employers offer dental insurance as a benefit. However, not all insurance agreements are the same. It is important for you to find out about your limits, annual deductible, fee payments and treatment exclusions.

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